Should you get Double Glazed Windows for your Home?

I’ve decided to write this post a few hours after I just finished my last post as it ties into what I was saying there. In my last post I talked about being locked out of your home. One of the options was to smash a window to get back in and then calla  glazing company the next day to get things fixed.

So lets say you did this as you were not thinking. As for some reason at 3am when you came home you didn’t want to call a locksmith because you wanted to be in bed 10 minutes ago. Or your drunken logic justified that breaking a window would be cheaper than calling a locksmith.

So, as an ex-locksmith I worked a lot with glazing companies and did glasswork myself. The two go hand in hand. A lot of locksmiths are trained glaziers and a lot of glaziers and trained locksmiths.

So what are your options? Well in Bournemouth it’s well worth getting double glazed windows. I wouldn’t got for triple glazed as the cost is not worth it for temperature we have on average. We don’t deal with deadly cold minus temperatures in winter. And single glazing, well, it’s just not something I can ever recommend.

So Why Double Glazing?

It’s quite simple really. It cuts costs in the long run by reducing heating and cooling bill as the windows insulate you house in such an energy efficient manner. The reason for this is due to how double glazing actually works. And to describe it in a simple way it’s just two panes of glass instead of one. When the cold air outside hits the glass it transfers through into the air pocket between the two panes of glass and has no where to go. So in winter you home stays warm and in summer it stays cool.

This doesn’t happen with single glazing. It’s not the best example as other factors are at play with a car but think about a car for a moment. The windows of a car are just one pane of glass right. So when the heat or cold hits the windows it transfers right into the car.

You can’t over-emphasis this stuff. Double glazing is expensive, it’s not cheap like single glazing. So many studies have been done to backup the fact that double glazing is worth it. And it’s pen to paper fact that it’s worth the cost.

How does saving at least 30% on your energy costs sound over the long run. That works out to about a £200 saving per year. Over 30 years that’s £6,000 or an extra cheap holiday to someone in Europe every five years. Well worth it!

Double Glazing Cost?

The average cost for double glazing is about £400 per window. The more windows you install the bigger the discount will be. Some providers might go lower into the £300 range per window and some might go into the £500 range but £400 is average. This is what Abacus Glazing – double glazing, windows, upvc, installations and repair generally quotes out. The same company I mentioned in my other article but the glazing side of things.

So keep this in mind if you are going to get quotes from different double glazing providers and don’t expect something cheap like £100 a window as that wouldn’t even cover costs for material let alone their time. Of course you could always order the uPVC windows online and then hire a handyman to do the installation if you are on a budget and need to save some cash.

So there you have it. I hope this article has helped you make a choice on if you want to get double glazing installed.
– Daniel

Locked out of Home? Here are Some Options!

As an retired locksmith I thought I might help server the Bournemouth community by providing a few tips and tricks to help in the lock out situation.

The reality is if you are locked out of home your have two options. You’ll be calling a glazing company or a locksmith. What does a glazing company have to do with locksmith? Well, you either know how to pick a lock and that’s unlikely, call a locksmith to get you back into your home or you’re going to smash a window to get back in and then call a glazing company in the morning to help you out.

So after you deal with the unpleasant situation of being locked out and a few days has passed here are my suggestions to protect yourself in the future.

Keep a Key Hidden Outside

Now I bet you’ve seen this in the movies. Someone lifts up a rock and there is special hole that has a key in it.

Well I can tell you this is not something just in the movies. Take a look on Amazon and you’ll find endless empty rocks you can buy. They go by many different names like hide a key rock, key hiding rocks, key hiding stone and so on. So if you don’t search Amazon it will be easy to find them.

If you go for this choice the best thing to do it look outside in your garden first of all and take note of the different rock colours that you have. Then go online and find rock that looks like it’s the same colour and would actually blend in.

Don’t buy anything novel that stands out. For example if you see a fancy purple rock it might look nice but if someone sees it they are likely pick it up and see it’s got a key inside. You goal here should be along the lines of hidden in plain sight.

The other option is to get an empty glass jur from some mayo or jam for example. Put the key in it and bury it. It will be free but when you’re locked out you’ll probably be in a bad mood or drunk so it might not be the best idea!

Install a Digital Lock

Digital locks are becoming the norm. Everyone has used them in the past even if you don’t think you have! Ever had a keycard for work? Or gone to a restaurant that needs to keep the homeless out so they give you a digital code on your receipt? That’s a digital lock!

So how does this help you? Well it’s quite simple really. Get one installed. And my advice being an ex-locksmith who services Bournemouth is to get it installed on the backdoor of your property or on a side door. Don’t just blatantly advertise to the world that you have a digital lock on your front door. If you just get it done on the backdoor it will be out of sight but when you come home and have lost your keys you won’t have to worry.

Digital locks come with keycards and codes. I’d recommend getting a coded one. That way no matter if you come home after a night out or just lost your keys during the day. You can still get back in. Set the code to something you will never forget even if you had a massive night on the town.

The last thing to mention if you get a digital lock is to keep a locksmiths number saved in your phone. As a local my recommendation is emergency locksmith, security advice and lock repair | Abacus Locksmiths. I used to farm out overflow work to them and they are one of the best in the whole county! The reason for this is that if the lock has a power failure how do you get back in? See, it’s not fool proof. It’s best to use a digital local and hidden key outside. Then you’re 100% covered.

That wraps up today’s thoughts! Stay tuned and make sure you bookmark our site. We are going to the the ‘go to’ sit for Bournemouth by the end of 2019!

What to do in Bournemouth

What is there to do in Bournemouth?

That might be a question you are asking if you’ve stumbled across our site randomly. Or maybe you are a local and hear about the new ‘up and coming’ guide to help you make the most of our beautiful city.

Never the less here are some of the best things to do in Bournemouth tourists and locals alike!

Go to the Beach

Lets face it. The beaches in the UK… Well… Suck!

But not in Bournemouth. This is one of the reasons I live here personally and I know a lot of other do also. With seven miles of perfect sandy beaches surrounded by magnificent cliffs the top thing to do in Bournemouth is to head to the beach.

Our beaches are different. Technically the UK is just a big island but for the most part the water is cold. Bournemouth is different, it’s go it’s own special climate. I’m no scientist so don’t ask my why this happens but it does and it’s lovely. The water is nice compared to other parts of the UK. Why not hire a deck chair (or buy one!) and lounge in the sun. Or play some sports on the beach. Or even hire a jet ski if you are into your water sports.


Right next to the beach is the perfect place to take the kids. The local aquarium called Oceanarium. One of the only aquariums on the globe that is located next to the beach. If you’re a local ask about a yearly membership card so you can take a kids a few times in the year. It will pay for itself. If you’re a tourist it’s well worth a visit.

The aquarium houses a large variety of sea creatures, over 100. And it also has a special penguin exhibit where you can get up close and personal with the little guys! Watch the video below so see more about this.


If you love shopping then you might as well be in London. Bournemouth is pretty much on the same level!

We have many different shopping districts. It’s mainly split into the town centre and the suburbs.

Town Centre
The town centre is a pedestrian high street that has been closed off to cars for many years now. There are mix of department stores, local boutiques, exclusive store and regular department stores. You can easily spend hours here doing some shopping and then relax to a coffee or lunch at one of the endless amount of cafes.

Other Districts

In the suburbs of Bournemouth you’ll find many shopping districts. Castlepoint is in Bournemouth. It’s the biggest shopping park in the UK. You’ll also find more boutique and quirky shopping arcades in Boscombe, Southbourne and Westbourne. All within minutes of the city centre by car or by public transport.

Well that’s it for my first official post for
– Daniel

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September 5th Update:

Our first two articles are live. Read about how to never need locksmith services again and why double glazed windows are a must for any home!